The Foundation for Population and Development (FPD)

Juniper Hotels Pvt. Ltd. is funding the project of FPD. This project has an integrated approach towards development of the urban poor. The overall goal of the project is to bring an overall improvement in the area of community health, non formal education of women and children, vocational education and training coupled with livelihood skills training. This approach enables cover the most crucial needs of the population. This will help them lead “Samruddh Jeevan” meaning , an enriched life.

The goal of the project is to bring about a sustainable improvement in the levels of health, education, training and income generation in the families residing in the area. This can come about with the empowerment of women and youth. A holistic approach to Human Development through Empowerment of Women and Youth will be adopted.

RRAC for Children started with a library on a shared premise at a very nominal rent in February 2011 operating twice a week for two hours each. But an encouraging and overwhelming response coupled with the need to sustain the interest of the children, it became a necessity to move into a premise totally at the disposal of the Foundation for 24 hours a day. A bigger rented premise was taken on from the month of June 2012 where the library activities have grown from one library to two, operating on all days of the week except Wednesday and Sunday, to cater to the children in that locality. This programme is designed such that replication is easy. It also offers flexibility based on the needs of the locality.

RRAC for Women conducts Vocational Training courses like tailoring and mehndi from the month of September 2012. The tailoring classes evinced a lot of interest and response. At present the Foundation has 4 manual sewing machines for the classes. The organization has trained close to 30 students in tailoring, with one batch having completed its course and two other batches still to complete the tailoring course. A proposal to shortlist interested women from the batches and develop them into taking up their knowledge and skill for income generation process is also being planned in the future.

2013 saw the beginning of Self Help Groups at RRAC which we soon aim to develop into a small enterprise of trained women engaging themselves in income generating activities for themselves is also being planned. The Self Help Group also has a focus group discussion every month to keep the women motivated and enable them to cope with daily pressures of life.